Thank You

I have endured very painful feet for more than 1 ½ years so given the improvement since wearing my new orthotics, I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m not yet pain free but continue to improve and I’m now optimistic in another few weeks /month that the pain will be completely gone.

Thank You Dr Lewis

Orthotic Feedback

The exercises for the heel had other results as well. The cramps in my feet and legs have stopped. I have had none since I have been doing the exercises.

Terrific Experience

Ryan had issues with his toes for about 4 years, back and forth to family doctors, outpatient clinics and Ryan still had such problems. I only wish we were told about Dr Lewis from the start. A terrific experience with Dr Lewis and I have to mention the time you took to convince Ryan to get the procedure done. Thank you so much from Ryan and his parents.

Very At Ease

Dr Lewis makes his patients feel very at ease and great a distracting them. My son was very impressed by him.

Good Service

Good service, Dr Lewis has a pleasant and professional manner and is easy to talk to.

Thank You!

I’m glad to finally have a normal looking toe!

Tremendous Results

Dr Lewis has provided me with tremendous results. Gone are the days of pain, replaced by days of mobility and comfort.

Nail Surgery Feedback

Dr Lewis made very comfortable/at ease through the process. My questions were answered in a way I could understand. Great Personality and very funny. Nice to see a relaxed doctor and feel you are a priority.

Don’t change a thing!